POOF! Financial Institutions Just Lost (another) Couple Billion in Loans and Deposits!!

And the Trend is Just Getting Started ... Tesla announced today it has recently filed with the SEC to purchase $1.5B (that's right billion, with a B) in BITCOIN, as part of a plan to allow consumers to buy Tesla products (cars, etc.) with crypto: https://www.cnbc.com/2021/02/08/tesla-buys-1point5-billion-in-bitcoin.html Now, if you're a 'banker' keeping up with times and if you're 'in the know' on the real risk to the entire financial services industry represented by digital

Feast and Famine: The Historical Mission of the CU and Imperative of Relevance

There’s no doubt that the economy has served up a feast of growth, development, and productivity in recent years. At the tail end of 2019 experts were debating whether 2020 would be the year of the next recession or not. The popular opinion landed on the “probably not” and “if so, it won’t be much of one” end of the spectrum. Now, experts are beginning to indicate that a recession is indeed on the horizon, possibly deeper than recessions of recent history (read here and here)

Nutmeg State Financial CU Scores Another Retail Strategy Win Supported by DaLand's CODE Engine

Credit unions across the country - financial institutions everywhere for that matter - are trying to 'crack the code' on the future of branching strategies as part of remaining relevant and keeping customers/members engaged and satisfied. What if your retail locations could be an extension of your self-service strategy, and vice versa? Or, what if your branching strategy allowed you to partner with other retail locations to use your brick and mortar to service other retail cu

Communities, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and Core Relevance:A “Choose Your Own Adventure” primer

Original article published here @ CUInsight.Com. It was election night, 2016. The evening hours were long gone, and most news network anchors appeared as if they were staring into an inevitable and unanticipated cloud of chaos. The results were rolling in, and it seemed increasingly likely Donald Trump would be the 45th President of these United States. Like most Americans, I was clinging to a glass (or a few) of my favorite spirit (bourbon) to take the edge off the nationa