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We focus on cultivating strong credit unions for sustainable local economies. We beautifully simplify the complex. Perhaps most important, we don’t shy away from chaos and disruption.  We coach our credit unions (and assist them in achieving their visions) to optimize their core operations and maximize their return on their core technology investments as a key component of their strategy for long-term sustainability and success.


Thinking Like DaLand ::  DaLand CUSO doesn’t shy away from chaos and disruption, and instead sees them as opportunities – problems to be solved, processes to be improved, efficiency to be gained, and money to be saved. The management team and owners recognize that the popular path isn't always the path to long-term success and relevance. The company challenges itself and others as it strives to examine core opportunities, challenges, and trends within the CU industry.


A status quo doesn’t exist at DaLand.  DaLand CUSO is constantly advancing a philosophy, practical solutions, and digital experiences/tools to promote credit union relevance.

Some of Your On-Tap Team...
Jeff Levesque


With over 25 years of practical information systems and consulting experience, Jeff brings a unique mix of credit union knowledge, technology industry leadership, and executive management experience to the DaLand team. He has been directly involved with credit unions since 2009, which plays a vital role in DaLand’s ability to deliver technologically driven products and services to their clients. Jeff’s mission, along with the rest of the DaLand team, is to make a significant impact on the credit union movement and introduce innovative solutions that ensure all credit unions remain relevant in a quickly changing financial services environment. Jeff earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting and holds various technical certifications. He also eats breakfast for lunch, loves dogs and enjoys spending weekends at the shore (even though he’s probably inside working).

Dan Micale


Jon Ungerland


Jon Ungerland believes the core philosophy underlying credit unions is the plausible and sustainable model for preserving healthy financial institutions and promoting financially dignified and strong communities in the 21st Century.  Mr. Ungerland is committed to vigorously exploring philosophical principles and technological concepts surrounding the privileged position credit unions occupy as centralized, trusted, community financial institutions in an era of disruptive ‘innovation’ and rapid technological transformation.  As an avid technologist he has worked to immerse himself in the technologies that impact credit unions and their members.    Jon is an Ivy League intellect devoted to developing methodical, data-driven solutions to address any situation and has cultivated a team that specializes in journeying with credit unions to actualize their technological, operational, and strategic goals.

Josh Pilachoswki
Director of Technology Development


Dan’s 35 year credit union career began by starting at the bottom of a large organization and cultivating his career through every level of management to become an executive in a multibillion dollar credit union & trade association.  His passion to simplify the complex by focusing on how to make operational processes more efficient has been the key to his success both in credit unions and here at DaLand.  When he founded DaLand with Jon Ungerland, Dan’s driving passion was to see credit unions return to their roots as catalyst of renewed and sustainable local economies. It is with that motivation that he fervently pursues strong relationships with both our clients and vendors to ensure that credit unions have the technologies and strategies to remain relevant in the coming decades.

Using technology to improve the lives of others is Josh’s passion. From an Online Banking specialist and Application Support Manager at a $2B credit union, to Development and Automation Manager at a CUSO serving 3 large credit unions, Josh has used his passion for enhancing processes and member experience with technology to increase efficiency, functionality, and productivity for many users and members across the country. Josh loves to utilize his experience and abilities to bridge the gap between the needs of the business and the capability of the technology to provide better solutions that help drive business and improve the bottom line. Josh believes that financial institutions offer a great promise to members, customers, and the community, and wants to use technology to help bring this promise to fruition or each client. 

Nate Yoder
Director Of Operations


Working with credit unions has been a passion of Nate’s since he was a young child. Both of his parents worked in credit unions so he grew up in the collaborative, community focused, member-first universe which defines the credit union environment. Nate spent his early career years working for a $2B credit union and has managed System Operations, Branch Operations and Administrative Services throughout his years in the credit union operations arena, and during that time he has had the privilege of exciting projects like: opening new branch locations, facilitating core and other large system conversions, and managed major initiatives related to plastics processing and EMV debit card conversion. He has always believed in the ‘member owned’ philosophy of credit unions, and it is his goal to use his experience and expertise to build new relationships and help credit unions grow and succeed.

Johnny Dykes
Product/Project Specialist


JD enjoys serving community financial institutions because they are fresh contexts ripe with opportunity for improvement, whether it be in the spheres of front line, back office, technological operations, or bottom line improvement and empowerment of the local community. There’s always room for growth and new efficiencies that empower credit unions and community banks to do better with what they do best: serving their members and local customers/communities.  By assisting and supporting our client's investment in and implementation of sophisticated, flexible, and modern technology, and by getting his hands dirty in translating manual processes into automated solutions, what JD hopes to accomplish with our clients is creating the space, time, energy, and awareness for them to focus on their patrons and be positioned to leap into action when consumer or community needs shift and transition due to fluctuating market conditions

Sara Kruhmin
User Experience Developer sara@dalandsolutions.com
Jessica Fongemie
Client Relationship Administrator jessica@dalandsolutions.com

Sara is passionate about giving credit unions results that make their products go above and beyond industry standards. She has over a decade of experience designing and developing state of the art products within the storage, medical, and fintech industries.  With Sara on your project, rest assured your finished product will be extremely usable and aesthetically pleasing. Because it’s not enough to just design an innovative product from ground up, she also strives to engineer each product to give it the fresh look, feel, and usability the client has asked for. Her process includes sitting down with the client to understand their needs and wants and then works tirelessly to give them a product that everyone will be proud to show off.

Jess firmly believes that by providing exceptional service to our clients she helps them realize the incredible opportunities within the ever-changing technology marketplace.  She has a passion for serving her community and finding efficient solutions for the people and organizations that she serves. Jess’s background within the credit union industry, combined with her sales experience and client-first mindset, have proven to be an invaluable collection of assets to our clients. Prior to joining the DaLand team, Jess had been a key player through a very successful conversion project at the credit union she was working at. Using this firsthand knowledge, she supports our clients to ensure the success of their own projects and position them for relevance within their communities.

Tommy Hawkins
Client Strategy & Relationship Manager
Megan Ahern
Product Analyst and Project Specialist

Tommy has diverse and very extensive sales and management experience across a broad spectrum of industries.  His success has been a product of his pursuit of understanding WHY people make the decisions they make and balancing that against whether the underlying data supports those decisions.  As a part of the DaLand team he empowers our clients to make data-supported, relevance-pursuant decisions by identifying the underlying strategic philosophies of both clients and vendors. 

Megan is determined to continue finding efficient solutions for credit unions that will ensure their position at the center of their communities.  Prior to joining DaLand Megan worked in various areas of a credit union and was an integral part to a successful conversion. Taking these first hand experiences and her capacity to comprehend how fin-tech systems work between business units she has been an integral team member to many successful conversion projects.  Her knowledge and analytical skills allow her the ability to accelerate our clients on their journeys towards long term relevance. 

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