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Since 2011, DaLand has excelled in execution, collaborating with our partners on project management and technology driven solutions to reinforce your institution’s strategy and position in your community. As of 2018, DaLand has been the pioneer of the Next Generation CUSO concept. We are not a CUSO in a traditional sense, run by a committee of credit unions. In stark contrast, DaLand is THE Next Gen CUSO, the only CUSO in this class, intentionally incorporated by credit unions to serve the community FI industry unencumbered by the conventions and habits of our industry. DaLand CUSO is THE only partner in the industry committed to ensuring our partners remain relevant, through understanding that technology and platforms alone cannot transform your operation and keep your business connected to your community.

Our business exists to partner with community organizations, educate the industry, protect client strategies, and develop and deliver relevant products, driving innovation through cross-industry developments (blockchain, DeFi, crypto, retail, AI, data sciences) to preserve local financial services, speed financial literacy, and advance local economies.

Image by NASA
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