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Digitally Anchoring Your Operation as the Nexus of Modern Community & Commerce.


The Core-Centric Philosophy

Our strategy simplifies the complex. 

Everything DaLand does is powered by the Core-Centric Philosophy. We focus on the modernization of your environment, moving your institution beyond treating money as a static pool living in your core, and optimizing your operation to support the collection and use of consumer data, powered by your core and returned to your community through your products and services. 

We educate and empower our partners' use of data to deliver and control digital channels which connect them to communities in powerful and sustainable ways; ensuring local institutions remain at the nexus of commerce and connection in the 21st century.


The C.O.D.E. Engine

To complement your new modern strategy and optimized operation, DaLand’s revolutionary C.O.D.E. Engine (Core Optimized Digital Experience) exists to extend into the digital domain the privileged position you have earned in your community.

The C.O.D.E. Engine was purpose-built through partnership with innovative local institutions to provide autonomy, relevance and efficiency in our digital and data-driven era. 

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C.O.D.E. and Your Business:

C.O.D.E is the Engine that drives the synthesis of business strategy and technology, connecting your operation to the powerful system of channels, digital extensions, and automations to ensure your institution delivers the future of commerce, and remains the nexus of your community.



Who we serve ...

We partner with organizations interested in creating and sustaining vibrant local economies and relevant community services by adhering to principles like cooperative capitalism, stewardship of data, development of local digital services, and extension of data to valuable commercial channels for communities, consumers, and collaborative corporations of the 21st Century. 

Our typical clients are financial institutions or community-connected organizations looking to define and engage in their community through prioritizing modern strategy, optimized operation, and the collection and use of data in this digital commerce era

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“Strategy is a commodity, execution is an art.”

Peter Drucker


500 Enterprise Drive, Rocky Hill CT


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