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Relevance Gets a Lift. How DaLand CUSO tackles complexity & community connection

As you look forward to strategic initiatives and operational changes for your organization in 2022, does it feel like you are coming off of another crazy year? Perhaps your institution is wrestling to keep up with the expectations of the past while striving to turn attention to the increasingly clear and immanent demands of the future.

As you chart your organization’s and operation’s course through 2022 and beyond, have you noticed how tempting and even pervasive is the idea that simply installing technology will change your business?

This concept sneaks into even the most carefully constructed strategies and is a perilous perception we continue to see in the industry. Relevance is far too complex for plug and play technology to be THE solution. Community financial institutions need to break through that complexity and execute modern strategies, focused on transforming operations to use data in new and exciting ways!

DaLand CUSO is the premiere partner in the industry committed to helping institutions execute on exactly that…Our commitment to healthy, local community finance and passion for educating the industry has inspired us to progress our products and professional services for the dynamic evolution of consumer behavior and expectations, changes accelerated by the pandemic.

DaLand serves institutions looking to define and engage in their community, ensuring our partners remain relevant and understand that technology and platforms alone cannot transform your operation and keep your business connected to your community. If you follow our publications, blogs, and video posts, you’ll be familiar with what we call the Relevance Equation. The conceptual calculation to help institutions understand how to be the symbiotic link between and among local businesses and individuals, with their institution as the facilitator …three, essential, and successive steps necessary to achieve relevance—Strategic Evolution, Operational Optimization, and Frictionless Digital Experiences.

The first step, Strategic Evolution, spotlights that effective, modern strategy prioritizes data above all else—including traditional products and services. The final step in the equation is the one we all want to latch-on to as quickly as possible because delivering Frictionless Digital Experiences is truly the pay-off, the crowning achievement of modern business management. However, when we skip the second step, Operational Optimization, Digital Experiences appear to be simple, pre-packaged platforms. Just turn on a button or a screen online, and your operation is all better and relevant, right? If that were the case, companies like Amazon would enter new lines of business, like pharmaceuticals, by just turning on a new “Medications” tab in Prime ™. Yet, in fact, prior to turning on their digital ‘drugs’ button, fact is Amazon first would need to design and deploy a strategy to obtain and use consumer data, acquire and modernize a pharmaceutical operation and, and then deploy changes to digital experience. A simple but difficult three part equation for relevance which credit unions can also use. This is where DaLand’s passion for education, execution of complex multi-year strategies for relevance, and our products and services to support both of those are set into motion!

DaLand’s professional services—our Business Analysts & Project Managers—break the vicious cycle of the platform paradigm and render complexity as a series of interlocking operational innovations (and efficiencies!) that take back control of consumer data and use that data to understand consumer behaviors and interactions. Now, with operations optimized for the digital age your institution is empowered to adapt to marketplace dynamics and developments, constructing a bridge that crosses from legacy core processing to modern digital consumer interactions.

So, are you working with DaLand CUSO to understand modern strategy and execute solutions that digitally anchor your operation as the hub of economic health for years to come? Reach out! We are always ready to explain how the Relevance Equation will ensure your future relevance.

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