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Navigating the Complexities of a Core Conversion: 3 Key Ingredients to Success

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

When it comes to a core conversion, as with any complex change management event, your FI faces numerous challenges. Our many credit union partners have successfully navigated the complex conversion process without any significant loss in year-over year revenues, while positioning themselves to be ready to go with subsequent initiatives as little as one month after go-live. What's their secret? Here are three elements that all successful core conversions have in common:

1. Proficient Project Management

Going it alone is 'an' option, but is it the 'best' option? Our partners quickly recognize the absolute criticality of collaborative project management. But don't take our word for it, here's what Karen Tate of Member's Heritage CU has to say:

“The experience and expertise our Daland Project Manager provided for our core and online banking conversions was invaluable. They provided vendor management and communication templates to stay on track with each of the implementations. The Dynamic Collaboration Hub (DCH) website organized the multiple project plans. It allowed assigned tasks to be prioritized and tracked as well as provided test plans with status tracking. Daland was integral to our successful conversions.”

Our experienced project managers work closely with teams across the country, leading and coordinating all aspects of the conversion process. They develop comprehensive project plans, define key milestones, allocate resources, and manage timelines to minimize disruptions to daily operations. By providing clear communication, proactive risk management, and well-defined expectations, our project managers help credit unions successfully navigate the conversion journey, mitigating potential challenges and ensuring a seamless transition to your modern core. 2. Brilliant Business Analysts

Having a great BA at your disposal, is, well, BA. The role of these SMEs cannot be overstated in the core conversion process. Our knowledgeable and friendly (they really are the whole package) business analysts collaborate your team to conduct in-depth business case review, thoroughly understanding the unique requirements and providing cheerful yet candid feedback throughout the process. Through detailed discovery sessions and regular project meetings, they identify opportunities for process improvement and collaborate with your team to configure your core to align to your specific needs. A built-in part of process improvement is the automation of manual, repetitive, and downright soul-stealing tasks. By leveraging their industry expertise, our business analysts help you optimize system configuration, streamline workflows, and ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness. 3. Realistic Risk Management

Core conversions are full of risks and unexpected challenges. Our solution: identify the unexpected. Throughout the conversion process, we proactively identify and address potential roadblocks, leveraging our knowledge and industry expertise to minimize disruptions. By maintaining open lines of communication, promptly addressing issues, and implementing contingency plans, we ensure that our credit union partners navigate the conversion process smoothly. Our proactive approach enables credit unions to minimize downtime, preserve member satisfaction, and maintain operational stability throughout the core conversion journey. By partnering with DaLand CUSO, you’ll gain the confidence and peace of mind that comes with engaging a team that has a proven track record that has earned us a reputation as ‘the’ trusted partner in the industry. Whether you are in the core selection process, mid-contract negotiation, or actively looking for the right team to support you in the process, we are here to help. Contact Us and let’s get started today!

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