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Your Community FI and the Digital Currency (Community) Renaissance

"Ours is a moment where twin disasters have converged: Aging economic policies have been compounded by a public health calamity". Matthew Milliner & DaLand's Jon Ungerland explore the impact of this moment and how the migration of Bitcoin and other digital assets to the mainstream presents a unique opportunity for us as a society.

"Learning the lessons of the Renaissance, today’s businesses might be poised to avoid pitfalls and grasp opportunities for human and community financial and cultural flourishing."

So what are these opportunities for human and community financial/cultural flourishing? That depends on the community! And its community FIs that are uniquely positioned to catalyze that flourishing.

A year ago (almost to the day) DaLand brought Coin-2-Core to market in anticipation of cryptocurrencies moving from the fringes to the forefront of the collective concsiousness. We knew that consumers would need a safe place to store digital assets and that businesses would need tools to be able to transact in those currencies. And what better entity to be at the center of those operations than your trust community financial institution?

Is your community FI ready for the renaissance of money and community value?

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