Vendor Strategy Services

Your Map to Economic, Operational, and Technological Efficiency and Optimization

Imagine having a roadmap to your institution's optimized economic, technological, and operational future reality?

What kind of business decisions would you make and strategic initiatives would you undertake if you had a map in hand to guide you to a modern, sustainable, relevant future?

Would you like to know  your IT and business strategies are aligned, synchronized, and catalyzing each other, so you can drive your business forward and deliver your core banking products and services in a more risk-mitigated and competitive fashion?

Using our decades of resource experience and our proprietary software and processes, DaLand CUSO delivers a documented snapshot of a credit unions current environment as concerns four critical factors impacting financial institution success.  Our proprietary Platform Mapping process documents and analyzes:

  1. Vendor Contract Exposure (Economics)

  2. Core/Ancillary Platform Ingredients (Technology)

  3. Business Unit Use/Objectives (Operations)

  4. Financial Institution Identity/Initiatives (Strategy)

DaLand CUSO is pioneering the movement to LIBERATE INSTITUTIONS like yours from:
  • Inefficient operations

  • Expensive and redundant vendors

  • Trapped/hostage data

  • Broken/unreliable interfaces between complex traditional silos and systems

Strategy Mapping

  • Strategy Mapping aligns your strategic plan, your financial picture, your operational priorities, and your technology roadmap to all work together. No more piece-meal project by project management. No more scattered data. No more vendor mismatches. Everything you need to know is on one Platform Map.

  • Improve upon the traditional RFP process with a synthetic and strategically focused Platform Map. You’ll have the data and information you need at your fingertips to evaluate partnerships and make quicker, better decisions; and your regulators will have easy access to what they need, reducing your regulatory burden. Platform Mapping makes your work easier.

  • Strategy Mapping enables you to strategically consolidate vendors to reduce costs, improve back office efficiencies, and create consistent member experiences. You take back control of your technology decisions, enabling executives to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities without feeling held hostage by vendor limitations.

Technology Strategy Seminars

  • DaLand CUSO offers one-day seminars designed to instill a foundational understanding for you and your team to improve your vendor management, platform optimization, and data processing strategies. 

  • The seminar is formatted to provide additional insight and tools related to the core-centric philosophy.  Our industry experts and thought leaders thoughtfully construct and execute sessions to explore critical context, history, and foundational knowledge pertaining to credit unions and their use of and relationship to technology. 

  • The goal of our seminar is to promote an increased understanding and awareness of critical dynamics within the credit union industry, which impact credit union thriving and relevance.

These tools are designed to generate actionable and interpretable understanding and deliverables for credit union management teams, and are delivered to supplement strategic decisions and discussions within your institution. Our Platform Map document provides a foundational understanding of the credit unions current employee/member facing technology supporting all operations and delivery chains (including digital platforms), and provides pertinent information for management to make sound business decisions when looking to further adopt technology as part of their modern business strategy.

This process and resulting documented deliverable collects, analyzes, and puts into context the technical environment and how it is aligned to the credit unions operations, regulatory, financial and strategic management responsibilities and handling. The Platform Map becomes a living and powerful assembly of analysis and information that can be referenced for ongoing management, auditing and compliance as well as a strategic plan outline for planning, measurement goals and milestone management.

The Platform Map and Technology Strategy Seminar processes will result in a more thorough understanding of credit union technology for your Executive Team to make fully informed business decisions through a systematic approach to data collection and alignment of that information with pertinent credit union business and strategic goals.

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